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Mike is a professional tattoo artist & illustrator of over 15 years. The recipient of a multitude of awards, features & accolades, Mike has carved out a sizable niche in his industry. As Prick magazine puts it: "Just like every kid who picks up a guitar needs to know Jimi Hendrix, every tattoo artist needs to know Mike Parsons."

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Mike Parsons Ink is a clean and professional tattoo studio that upholds the highest levels of hospital grade sterilization in a safe and comfortable environment. Located in Riverview, FL, about 20 minutes outside of Tampa, Mike Parsons Ink is a modern new school tattoo studio showcasing contemporary techniques, styles and safety precautions. The shop itself is brand new, featuring all new workstations, furniture, equipment, and is conveniently located near food, entertainment and shopping areas. The shop also houses a new and extensive flash library and creative resources.

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